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Boley Emergency Vehicles are reasonably priced, yet include great detailling. These models are painted, decalled, and "ready to roll." Many feature movable parts.

If you are trying to assemble a Fire Department, follow these general rules for model numbers ending in:

11 is Red over Red

13 is Black over Red

17 is White over Red

55 is Green over Green

71 is White over Red OR White with Stripes

78 is White over Yellow

88 is Yellow over Yellow

These are general rules, refer to picture or description for specifics.

"Chevy Caprice, Fire Chief"
Code: Boley_2069
Price: $5.99
Quantity in Stock 6
Quantity in Basket: none
"Fire Dept. Boat, twin outboard"
Code: Boley_2071
Price: $9.99
Quantity in Stock 2
Quantity in Basket: none
"Ford F-150, US Forest Service, Green/White (1/72 scale)"
Code: Boley_2404-55
Price: $9.00
Quantity in Stock 1
Quantity in Basket: none
International 2 Axle Brush Fire Truck, US Forest Service
Code: Boley_4503-55
Price: $12.50
Quantity in Stock 1
Quantity in Basket: none