Gluing Soft Plastic Figures

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Gluing Soft Plastic Figures

Soft plastic figures often require gluing arms, legs, or heads to the torso.  Figures may need to be glued to the base.  In order to create additional poses, you may want to swap limbs, heads, or weapons.

I recommend that you use gap filling superglue along with fine, stiff wire and N-Heptane to make strong glue joints.  A short pin between the two parts will help strengthen the glue joint. I often use a 1/4 inch pin cut from a metal number 8 guitar string. Because the guitar string is very rigid, you can often avoid having to pre-drill each part.  A single guitar string will cost about a $1.00 and will provide enough wire for about a hundred figures.

N-Heptane is a solvent used to thin rubber cement. In the USA, you can find N-Heptane in art stores sold under the brand name "Bestine."  The N-Heptane will treat the surface and allow the gap filling superglue to work better. A lifetime supply will cost you just $4.00. You can apply it with any old junk paintbrush.

Apply a small amount of N-Heptane to both parts. Press one end of the pin into Part A and then press the other end of the pin in Part B. Then add a tiny drop of gap billing superglue.

Submitted by Mike Creek on March 31, 2009

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