Roco Minitanks Collectors Club

Roco Minitanks #500 - 599

US Army HQ Company Designation Decals (3 Sheets)
Code: Roco_Minitanks_560
US Army Co's E thru P Designation Decals (3 sheets)
Code: Roco_Minitanks_561
US Army Support Battlion/Mil Intell./Air Defence/ Chemical/Howitzer/Eng. Designation Decals (3 Sheet
Code: Roco_Minitanks_562
US Army Tactical Signs/Standards Tables/Vehicle Lettering Decals(3 Sheets)
Code: Roco_Minitanks_563
Pugh Truck with short wheel base (Olive green)
Code: Roco_Minitanks_564
Peugeot P4 VLTT Truck with short wheel base
Code: Roco_Minitanks_565
SPz Marder 1A3 Tank (Camo)
Code: Roco_Minitanks_566
Unimog U1300L Truck with Shelter Box & Transmitting Mast [OD]
Code: Roco_Minitanks_567
M-200 A-1 Generator on Trailer (OD)
Code: Roco_Minitanks_568
LKW 10-Ton 8x8 MAN N4540 Flatbed (OD)
Code: Roco_Minitanks_569
M-925 A-1 Stake Side Supply Truck w/ M-105 A-1 Trailer & 3 Fuel Tanks
Code: Roco_Minitanks_570
M-35 A-2 2.5 Ton 6x6 Truck with Ammunition Load
Code: Roco_Minitanks_571