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Applying Decals

Decals (no matter what scale) will not adhere well onto flat paint, which is more often than not used on military vehicles. The decals will stick, but not real well, and not over the long term. This is why you can often see the outline of a decal (called "silvering") when the light hits it just right. Eventually, the decal will just fall off.

I always apply a coat of gloss paint in the area where I am going to apply decals. This allows the decal to adhere to the gloss paint tightly. Don't apply the decal to wet/damp gloss paint.  You should give it at least an hour or two to dry depending on the humidity and other conditions in your room. For instance, things tend to dry faster in the Winter inside a house because the air is drier. Waiting overnight before applying decals is always best. After the decal has dried for a short time, apply Solvaset to help snug the decal down flat.

When the decal is good and dry (usually over night) I apply a layer of dull coat to make everything blend back in with the rest of the paint finish on the entire model.

This process takes longer than just slapping a decal on a finished model, but it seems to work well and lasts for years and years.

Submitted by Brian Brown on March 25, 2009