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German Fallschirmjager

Items FJ11-17 are portrayed in early Type 1 & 2 smocks.

Operation "Granite" was the most daring of all the early war operations using Paratroops. The "impregnable" fortress of Eban Emael guarded the Dutch-Belgium frontier, which the Germans had to cross for the assault across Europe. In the fortress were 2000 experienced troops manning and defending the guns ranged in on the surrounding area. Specially trained German Fallschirmjagers used a mixture of weapons all designed for the destruction of casements.

Items FJ18-23 are in late war 1942-1945 uniforms.

In the late stages of the war the Luftwaffe Field Division pulled into the parachute armies all available men from airfields and anti-aircraft units to bolster the front units. Many of these combined units fought with great elan and determination despite the fact that the war was all but lost when they were called upon. The combination units fought on the entire front from 1944 onwards. This range depicts the varied and different types of uniforms that the Fallschirmjager acquired in the later part of World War 2.

2 Men advancing with 12.5kg hollow charge, Man advancing with M24 stick grenades.
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Panzerschrekcrewman firing prone
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