Water and Mess Trailers
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One of the most cost effective ways to move cargo is to tow it behind a truck. US Military trucks nearly always tow trailers since WWII. These trailers are very common and many are still in use today in armies all over the world. The mess and water trailers are often located together to provide hot food and fresh drinking water to the troops. The cargo trailers can carry anything from ammunition, to food, to clothing. Typically, they are used to carry the unit baggage of sleeping bags, files, tentage, extra radio batteries, foot lockers and a million other bobs and bits carried by modern armies. The ¾ ton trailer was often towed by halftracks and the 1 ½ ton trailer was usually towed by 2 ½ or 5 ton trucks. (Bunker Talk)

Water and Mess Trailers

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