King Tiger (Henschel), Late, with Zimmerit
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King Tiger (Henschel), Late, with Zimmerit is a bit of a misnomer.  These vehicles were called the Königstiger which is German for the Bengal Tiger in keeping with naming German armored vehicles after cats.  The turret was designed by Krupp, not Henschel.  The Henschel hull was in competition with Porsche for the heavy tank contract.  Tiger I, and both kinds of Tiger II were issued interchangeably and so often served together.  They first saw combat in Normandy a couple weeks after the initial landings.  The zimmerit was an anti-magnetic coating designed to prevent Soviet magnetic mines from being attached to the tanks, not all tanks had this coating.  These vehicles operated in platoons of four tanks, with three platoons in a company, with two headquarters tanks for a total of 14 tanks per company.  There were three companies plus three battalion headquarters tank for a total of 45 heavy tanks per battalion.  Most battalions were at full strength only for a short time as they were often broken up into smaller units to fend off attacks from different directions.  Replacements were often slow in coming so units often did operate understrength.

King Tiger (Henschel), Late, with Zimmerit

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