T-72 Tank (Petner Panzer)
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Collector's Item. Special Roco box version of the "Petner Panzers" T-72 kit. This was a limited edition of Roco distributing the Petner kit in a Roco box. We only have one left!  T-72 Tank first entered service with the Soviet Union in 1971 during the Cold War.  It was a very successful series of tanks and over 20,000 have been produced.  T-72 was widely exported and is a veteran of many years of hard combat in the Iran-Iraq War, the Georgian Civil War, the Gulf War, the Wars in Chechnya, the war in Ukraine and many others.  The T-72 has a smoothbore 125mm gun and heavy armor and later versions had resin spaced armor.  They have been built in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and even Iran.

T-72 Tank (Petner Panzer)

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