Chevrolet 1533 x2 LRDG (SAS)
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The Long Range Desert Group was a unit of the British Army formed in the Desert in World War Two.  They participated in reconnaissance, pathfinding, and raids on Axis units for several years until the Axis surrender in Tunisia.  The units were formed of troops primarily from New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.  They operated stripped down trucks to save weight, to conserve fuel, and to allow them to put multiple weapons on their vehicles.  No two vehicles were exactly alike as they carried large amounts of gear and often used captured German and Italian weapons.  The Chevrolet truck was one of the first vehicles they used in combat and was very popular with the troops.  These trucks were used in units of up to ten such trucks.  Look for other ArsenalM LRDG trucks!

Chevrolet 1533 x2 LRDG (SAS)

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