Corbitt Gun Carrier 6 Ton Truck
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Corbitt Gun Carrier 6 Ton Truck is a prime mover truck designed specifically to tow heavy artillery for the US Army.  The wheelbase was short and the cargo bed was short.  Artillery found that soldiers would try to fill the cargo bed with artillery ammunition, resulting in an overloaded truck.  To avoid this problem, trucks intended for the artillery had intentionally shortened cargo beds to make it more difficult to overload the vehicle.  Trucks of this type were built for the US Army starting in 1940 and continued in production until the end of the war.  American allies used these trucks in large numbers for decades after the war.  The Roco Long Tom, Skysweeper, and all their other artillery can be towed by this truck.  Most heavy artillery operated in batteries of four guns or howitzers.  This model is used.

Corbitt Gun Carrier 6 Ton Truck

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